Life Is A Journey

Your life is a journey ahead of you.Each day is a new beginning.Yesterday is a friend that will guide you.There will be good times and bad times;Cherish the good, because they make life sweet,But be thankful for the bad,For through them you come to knowThe important things in lifeAnd the meaning of life.There will be times when you faceDifficult decisions,And you won’t know which way to turn.The important thing is that you make a choice,And move forward.There will be times that test your strength and endurance,But don’t give up;Refuse to accept defeat,For perseverance is the key to success.there will be times when you are hurt by love.Forgive those who hurt youSo that your heart will be free to love again.There will be times when you make mistakes.Remember that mistakes are not a reflection of your self-worth,But of your humanity.Nor do they make you less of a person.Because of the lessons you’ve learned,You’ve grown and become wiser.There will be times when your search for happinessLeads to frustration and disappointment,But don’t stop believing in happiness.Being happy with yourself goes a long way towardKnowing happiness in your life.There will be times when life seems unfair,But don’t allow it to make you bitterAnd steal your joy.Nothing is worth this.When fear stands in the way of reaching out for your dreams,Confront them and you will conquer them.There will be times when your faith is shaken,But don’t despair,It will rise up and carry you above the storm and to victory….

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